What's SA8000?

SA8000 is a social accountability standard and certificate developed by Social Accountability International (SAI). This organization created this certification to help and protect workers worldwide by providing a standardized guideline to protect the integrity of workers’ conditions and wages. Our factories, certified SA8000, use zero forced or child labor, and always provide living wages and safe conditions.

Why China, and not the USA?

You may not know it, but most fabric mills today are located overseas. We know - we looked and priced out our garments. The United States has great manufacturers for basic knitwear, (and we do use them) but for our constantly evolving collections and fabric needs, we found that we had to stay based 65% overseas (for now). Once we found our SA8000 certified manufacturers, we knew it was a match. Quality is everything to us, and we wanted to make sure we gave you the best product at the best price that you could find.


What do you mean by “high quality?” Can I simply throw my Cupro or Velvet dress in the washer with a bunch of other laundry and do a hail mary?

Nope, really you can't. First of all, not all washers and dryers are created equal. Nor is water, so if you're not sure if your washer is trustworthy, or if your water is especially hard, simply refer to our CARE page, or if you're in a rush - Dry Clean. All of our fabrics are hand selected, when we are in between two fabrics, one being more expensive and nicer and the other cheaper we always choose the "right" one. Sometimes for different properties, like the perfect color, weight, etc. Kindly refer to our CARE page for detailed instructions on how to best care for your garment.

We believe our high quality comes from four things, and we spend a good portion of our design process obsessing over each of them:


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